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About the Column

In 2002 Cat’s Call replaced Ann Landers’ advice column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and became the source for advice and opinions about love, relationships, dating and everything else. Cat’s Call is the refreshingly untraditional advice column that addresses, ponders and skewers just about every subject, from dating your best friend’s ex to politics to fashion.

About the Author

In addition to writing Cat’s Call, articles, op-eds and featured pieces on The Huffington Post, Cat has appeared on television, CBS radio, Fox Sports Radio, Steel City Media radio, Howard Stern News and XM’s Chick Chat. She has an irrepressible political bent and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from American University and a Master’s degree in Comparative Politics from The Maxwell School at Syracuse University. Despite numerous jobs and countless colorful life experiences, Catherine lived in Washington, D.C. for seven years without engaging in a political scandal. She hopes you won’t hold that against her. Follow her on Twitter @catspecter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you personally read all your mail, or do you quickly flip through letters and emails to find good questions for the column?

A. I read every piece of mail, in fact I am the only person who sees Cat’s Call mail. As for digging around to find juicy, column-worthy questions, there is no need. My paws have more important things to do – like getting to work on the next column! Please note: Cat’s Call is a published advice column, not a hotline, so all content received is considered potential material for publication. I do not ‘privately’ answer questions unless a situation is dangerous, extremely time-sensitive or in some other way really merits it. I make exceptions here and there, but it’s rare.

Q. How do you choose which questions to run in the column? Do you ever make them up?

A. People often ask if the questions in advice columns are made up by the authors. That might be the case in other columns, but never in Cat’s Call. I receive questions from every state (and a number of different countries), from people representing vastly diverse demographics. Which questions make the cut for the printed column? That depends on a few factors including: length, relevance and general thematic appeal. Cat’s Call is extremely open about subject matter but I draw the line at profanity, nonsensical drunken ramblings, personal attacks on myself or anyone else, and classified information.

Q. Word has it that you have a political background, or at least that you are a politically-minded person. What are your views?

A. I don’t have a political background in that I never held public office or engaged in a scandal (with an elected official, anyway). That background refers to my education (B.A. in Political Science and M.A. in Comparative Politics) and pre-Cat’s Call work experience. As for personal politics, I am very liberal and progressive on most issues and I care more about policy than party.