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Do You Take This Candidate to Be Your Lawfully Wedded...?

The relationship between the electorate and the White House is akin to marriage and every four years the spouses have to renew their vows or marry someone new. Renewal time is on the horizon and things are looking iffy…

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Charge Of The Newspaper Brigade

Newspapers are not dying, they are changing. The internet is replete with endless space and infinite opportunity – exploring it and thriving in it requires a fresh perspective from both newspapers and their readers.

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The Loneliness 'Taboo'

No one likes to admit to being lonely for fear of sounding pathetic, yet so many people actually are. Tell someone you feel lonely and they give a “you’ll find someone” pep talk. But you were merely expressing a feeling, like happiness or nausea. In many people’s eyes, loneliness is synonymous with aloneness and therefore elicits an almost audible aww

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The Way We Word

The spoken word is the foundation of human communication. Whole lifetimes can be based upon it. The two little words “I do” cement a union forever while the mere whisper of “goodbye” can break it apart. Words are like music when silence is deafening so it’s no surprise that we live in a state of constant word-awareness…

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How To Break Up: Part II

This is for the breaker uppers; those who have broken our hearts, liberated us, made us grow up, showed us their true colors, and acted as a pivot point for much of our romantic lives. We’ve all known them, dated them, heard about them, or been them. If you are going to initiate a break-up, here are some tips to keep in mind…

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How To Break Up: Part I

The Break-Up: It’s the thing everyone fears at one point or another, the thing that can loom in the distance even in a great relationship. When you’re on the receiving end, getting broken up with is a harsh blow. But there are helpful things to remember – and do – if you find yourself in that position…

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The Anniversary Column

Cat’s Call celebrated its 5th anniversary with a special list of ‘calls’, such as: When it comes to showing skin, leave something to the imagination. Otherwise, dates have nothing to think about by the time dessert arrives.

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Yay! Googlevision!

There is a little spy in all of us that likes to see the world without having to physically explore it. Put on your Google goggles because we are no longer limited to bird’s eye views. It’s terrifically fun and cool and I highly recommend it – just remember not to go from curious to creepy…

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Can You Find True Love In 7 Weeks...Or Less?

Tango Magazine asked me to road test a popular self-help book that promises to help you find love in 49 days. According to my calculations, being a guinea pig for 10 days would see me 20.4% of the way toward finding my “one,” so the odds of some reward were in my favor…

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Hooking Up At The Office Party Excuse Checklist

Call me prissy (it won’t hold up in court), call me a prude (uh…ok), call me a good worker (why, thank you), gettin’ down with coworkers creates an environment that isn’t conducive to professional ethics. And those ethics are expected to be present the very next morning, when you’re still trying to remember where you left your bra…

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